BlueDot Dispatch is the leading North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Oklahoma freight broker and freight shipping company on the East coast. So what exactly does Bluedot Dispatch do you may be asking? We’re a transportation and logistics company that brings together a shipper who has goods to transport with an authorized motor carrier that wants to provide that service. BlueDot Dispatch falls into the category of transportation company that is either a shipper or an asset-owning carrier, and plays an integral role in the movement of cargo.

BlueDot Dispatch provides an important and valuable service to both motor carriers and shippers. They help carriers fill their trucks. BlueDot Dispatch helps shippers transport their good and cargo through our network of licensed CDL drivers that are ready to move cargo and goods at the drop of a dime. In fact, many companies use our company as their traffic department, allowing our company to coordinate all of their shipping and transportation management needs.

An industry so huge and diverse requires a wide range of participants to thrive. Some of these participants’ titles may be a bit confusing, and some of their responsibilities may overlap. So who are the key players in brokerage and what do they specifically do?

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Our company offers all of the following services:

  • Freight Broker. A freight broker connects shippers with motor carriers to move their goods.
  • Shipper. A shipper is an individual or business that has products or goods to transport.
  • Motor Carrier. A motor carrier is a company that provides truck transportation.
    • There are two types of motor carriers: “Private” (A company that provides truck transportation of its own cargo) and “For Hire” (A company that is paid to provide truck transportation of cargo belonging to others).
  • Freight Forwarder. Often confused with freight brokers, freight forwarders are significantly different. Forwarders typically take possession of the goods, consolidate numerous smaller shipments into one large shipment, then arrange for transport of that larger shipment using various shipping methods, including land, air and water carriers.
  • Import-Export Broker. They are facilitators for importers and exporters. Import-Export Brokers interface with U.S. Customs, other government agencies, international carriers, and other companies and organizations that are involved in international freight transportation.
  • Agricultural Truck Broker. Generally small and operating in one area of the country, unregulated agricultural truck brokers arrange motor carrier service for exempt agricultural products.
  • Shipper’s Associations. Shipper’s associations are exempt, nonprofit, cooperative organizations formed by shippers to reduce transportation costs by pooling shipments. Shipper’s Associations operate in a manner very similar to that of freight forwarders, but their service is limited to their members and is not available to the general public.

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So if you and your organization is looking for a reliable trucking company with years of experience, our company BlueDot Dispatch is the company for the job. We have reliable drivers and we’re licensed and insured. Call us today and see what our company can do for you today!